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GVPT alumni share knowledge on colleges

We organised first workshop in 2013, when it occured to us that on high school we knew pretty much nothing about what the future holds. It was about time we were finishing our bachelor studies and looking back we realised that three years ago we had to do some important decisions without any insight.

This is why the C&C workshop was created. We want to share our knowledge and insights gained after several years of study with hight school students. We focus on potential of foreign and tech based schools and our goal is to motivate students to enroll in more difficult and prestigious universities.
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Don't be affraid to study abroad...

Let us be frank. Slovak universities are not the best. This is why we try to stress that studying abroad is not to be affraid. Try it for yourself, even if it is only Czech Republic or even England for those with more courage.
Higher education quality is not the sole advantage. Whole new world of big city opens at your feet. You can get to know new people, places and adventures. You will gain a lot of new experience, which will be valued above all by your future employers. New opportunities, that would be otherwise not possible will reveal themselves.



Because NOW is the right time...

There is no need to emphasise, that learning is easiest for young minds. This however should not be the key reason to go to college. You should go to university because you want to. Choosing the specific university is by far not as important as the deciding to learn as much as possible! The most important decision is how good you wanna be! Because giving up and setteling for average is easy, but does not carry any benefit.

Aim high!


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What is going on behind the financial curtain knows
Katka Kostolná.


Although in Mexico but nevertheless splendid plasm physicist
Miro Šnírer.


Even after years of work with radiactivity, still alive
Jakub Kuba.


A real one-zero guru
Peter Poljak.

Math and stochastics

Based in math but heading towards business is
Jakub Kubiš.


Can be the thing unlocked

When will we meet again?

The exact date of next C&C is not yet decided but we hope to see you again this year!

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